November 24, 2008

French Citizenship - One Step Closer

Just home from the sous-préfecture in Béziers with (pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming) Good News!

My French citizenship dossier has been accepted! I have a signed, dated and stamped récipissé in my hands, which means that it is now up to Béziers to process my application, then send it all on to another office somewhere in France for the second part of processing.
The gendarmes should be knocking on our door for an interview sometime in the next few months.

They have asked for a few more pieces of paper such as copies of my diplomas from high school and university and an attestation from my French teacher stating that I have indeed made an attempt at butchering studying the French language since moving to France, but these are easy to provide.

I was walking on air when I left the sous-préfecture. Then as I was driving home and came around the last bend on the road to our village, there was a slice of rainbow stretching over the hills.
A good sign. And a very, very good day.

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