September 15, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Round Up

A giant thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever La Fête du Fromage International Cheese Tasting Event!
The number of submissions was a pleasant surprise and I'm thrilled to learn that there are so many of you out there who enjoy cheese as much as I do.

Merci beaucoup!

First we have a lovely looking piece of unpasteurized cow's milk, artisan cheese called Bourrée, tasted by Danielle at Savor Culture. Danielle sent me an email last summer suggesting a Fête du Fromage blogging event, an idea I had been mulling over for about a year, so I have her to thank for giving me that final push to organize the event. Thank you again Danielle!


A gooey, oozing, gorgeous looking grilled cheese sandwich was made by Judith at Shortcut to Mushrooms. As a student on a budget (something I can definitely relate to) she opted to taste some Sargento Sharp Cheddar that was kinder to her wallet than imported cheese. That sandwich looks amazing!
Judith's entry was accidentally left out of the original most sincere apologies Judith!


Tracy at TracyFood, tasted an old favorite of mine; Myzithra. A generous grating of this crumbly, salty Greek cheese was stirred in with her recipe for Pasta With Browned Butter and Sage, creating a spectacular looking meal.


Another Greek cheese, Anthotyro, comes to La Fête from Ivy at Kopiaste in Athens. The meaning of Anthotyro in Greek is “blossom cheese,” named for the way the curds blossom. It is often compared to ricotta, thus it was a perfect addition to her recipe for Lasagna With Ground Turkey, Vegetables and Anthotyro.


Pumpkin from From My Swiss Window writes about one of Switzerland's great cheeses, Appenzeller. She has grown to love this cheese since moving to Switzerland, especially the aged variety, which she describes as strong smelling and full of character. This looks irresistible!


Lore from Culinarty made a beautiful, crunchy Kohlrabi and Celery Salad with Brie. The contrast of the crisp, earthy vegetables and the soft, creamy Brie looks amazing! I love the unique combination of flavors and textures.


Luscious, white clouds of Burrata were tasted by Natalie from Spaced Out Ramblings. Burrata is a light, creamy cheese from Puglia, in southern Italy. Natalie likes to spread it on toasted bread or mix it with warm, cooked potatoes or prosciutto. I might have to take a special trip to Italy just to try this lovely looking cheese.


Shaula and Neil from Milometer tasted Vermont Cheddar on their way through Vermont in a Vermont Cheddar Ale Soup. These two have left their home and are working and writing from the road in their Mini Cooper. Looks like they're having a delicious adventure!


, also called Gjetost, is a Norwegian brown cheese made from the whey of cow and goat's milk. Jude at Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté tasted a block of this unique caramel-tasting, concentrated cheese that I have to admit, looks like anything but cheese!


Finally, Camille in Paris, of Croque Camille, tasted a tempting piece of Fourme D'Ambert with some hearty looking bread and wine from Fitou. Fourme d'Ambert is one of France's oldest cheeses and Camille describes its flavor as mild, creamy and earthy.


Oh, wait, I guess I should add to the Fête!

One of the most bewitching cheeses I tasted during my year and a half of tasting French cheese was Gaperon. This creamy, buttery cheese is spiked with cracked peppercorns and local, pink garlic, creating a complex and unique flavor.


I would like to make La Fête du Fromage a monthly event to encourage as much cheese tasting as possible. There is such a huge world of cheese out there to discover and there are many, many small farmers and artisan cheesemakers who produce amazing cheese and could use our support.

The 15th of every month will be the official day for La Fête du Fromage. Please have your entries to me by the end of the 13th.

Tell us why you chose this particular cheese. Tell us how it tasted. Tell us about its texture and aroma. Did you eat it on its own? Or with something? Did you drink anything special with your chosen cheese? Would you recommend it or not? Is there something unusual or interesting about it?
  • Photos are wonderful, but not necessary
  • Entries must contain the words La Fête du Fromage and contain a link to Chez Loulou
  • Posts should be written specifically for La Fête du Fromage and not entered in any other food blog event
  • Please send the link to your post to louloufrance (at) gmail (dot) com with the words Fête du Fromage in the subject line
Let's make October's Fête a great event!
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Lore said...

Loulou this is one great round-up and I've already seen something completely new, that I didn't even hear about: Gjetost!
Thank you for putting this together and making it a monthly event sounds great, count me in (I already have a cheese in mind ;) )

Ilva said...

I missed this completely but I will try my best to participate next month, there are so many cheeses to try here in Italy... great roundup!

spacedlaw said...

I welcome the monthly task to sample (and report on) a new cheese!

Shaula said...

Merci bien, Loulou, pour votre grand travail! You have done a marvelous job of launching this inaugural edition of the Fête. Thank you very much!

I agree Nathalie from SpacedLaw: what a great homework assignment, to discover and celebrate cheese.

We'll try to be back with something tasty for the next edition.

Shaula said...

PS. Your hard work deserves lots of readers!

I've stumbled it in StumbleUpon, and I have also sent it in to:

Also, have you considered listing La Fête du Fromage at It is a good way to help other food and travel bloggers find out about it.

Thank, encore une fois, for the lovely fête!


Jude said...

Thanks for the roundup! Can never run out of new cheese to try so it's hard to pick a favorite..

wcs said...

Great fête! Or is that fêt-a? ;)

Looking forward to next month!

Loulou said...

I loved the look of that salad. Must try it sometime!
Can't wait to see what you taste for next month. :)

I hope you do! There are some amazing Italian cheeses and I know so little about them.

great!!! I'm glad you'll continue to join in.

Thanks again for the submission! Can't wait to see what you guys taste on your adventures.

Thank you for submitting Chez Loulou and the fête to all of those sites. I appreciate all of the help getting the word out.
I need to learn more about these kind of sites. I'm going to check out right now.

I'm so glad you joined in the Fête. Hope to see you back next month!

I hope you join in next month. You have some great cheese up there in the Loire!

Danielle said...

Bien fait, Loulou! Thanks for organizing a great blogging event. It was fun to see the cheeses that your caseophilic readers favor. Am planning to participate in the future!

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

I think this is a wonderful blog posting idea! I'm going to try and make the next round ... mmmm, that Italian cheese and your contribution were my favorites (I think, anyways - so many to pick from!)

Judith said...

Uh-oh, did I make a mistake when I submitted mine? Granted, it wasn't an actual new cheese, so if it doesn't qualify that's fine. I have some good ones for the next few :-D

Loulou said...

I know you'll introduce us to some great American made artisan cheese so I look forward to meeting them at the next Fête!

You have no excuse not to join in, now that you're in France, the land of cheese! :)

I cannot believe I left yours out! My most sincere apologies!!!!
I looked and looked through my email and didn't see it so it must have been inadvertently deleted.
I will add it to the round-up today.
The event is aimed at tasting real cheese, not processed cheese but I wanted to add your post anyway.
Look forward to seeing what you have for next month. :)

Jessie said...

Yum! Count me in for next time!

a.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

Loulou said...

I look forward to reading your submission! Thanks for joining in.

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Mijin Kim said...

Would you please let me knwo where I can buy the brown cheese in Paris?

Jennifer Greco said...

I've never seen it in France, it is a Norwegian cheese.