August 6, 2008

Photo du Jour - Market Day

An abundance of summer fruit. Pin It


My Mélange said...

Ooooh la la!!

Anonymous said...

We love the Olonzac market, but we are going to miss it this year, we don't get to Cesseras until Wed. We go every week to the Edmonds farmers market and once in a while to the Sunday Ballard market but they are nothing like a French farmers market.

Loulou said...

my mélange
Beautiful colors, aren't they? :)

anon that you?
You can always go to Lézignan on Wednesday or Narbonne on Thursday.
There's a Sunday market in Ballard now? How cool! Sometimes I miss my old neighborhood.
See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and the Ballard goes all year and is great. You wouldn't believe the change if Ballard, condo's all over the place, but I like it.
We will have to try your suggestions.
When do you get back from Paris?Hopefully you will be back in Cesseras before we get there.

Loulou said...

I'm in Paris from September 17-21. You don't get here until October, correct?
I moved from Seattle 9 years ago. Seems like a lifetime!
When do you leave for Italy?