August 6, 2008

17 €!

Paris, here I come!

SNCF sent an email last month advertising special train prices to various cities. I typed in Béziers to Paris and and an unbelievable price popped up - only 17€ each way!
I immediately called my friend who had invited me to stay and booked my tickets.

Going to Paris is still like a dream to me. In 5½ years of living in France I've only been once.

There are a few things I plan on doing over the four days but mainly I just want to BE in Paris.
To wander the streets aimlessly, explore little streets and alleyways, sit in cafés and watch people (so cliché but I love it) and take endless photographs.

La vie est belle.
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Moira said...

Hi Loulou,
I live in Portugal and I've been to Paris once, the most unforgetable thing to me was the sunset on the top of Eiffel tower, is something beautiful. Bon Voyage!

My Mélange said...

You have no idea how lucky you are.... 17 Euro!!!! I can definitely say that I am jealous!!

Have a great time!!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Have a fantastic time and please take lots of pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, lucky you. I was planning a trip to Paris end of September. Got the apartment line up but the airfare would be over $1,600 for one person. We are now going to Quebec City instead.

Go to 13th arr. and have some authentic Asian food.

georgiegirl (I already forgot the password, so back to anonymous)

Andreea said...

oh so lovely - have fun, enjoy, sip a glass of rosé on a terrace :)
la vie est belle indeed.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am jealous too!!! Wow what a fantastic price, that is only £26 pounds. Brilliant. Have a fantastic time, and lots of photos please. When are you going? Shame you couldn't get to see Aimee with the Tea shop!!!

I have to go on a train in the uk on an hour and half trip next week with my little grandson (Aidan) and a return trip is £64.00..a rip off.

Samantha said...

hey, just wanted to say feel free to send me an email if you want meet up for a coffee while you're here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulou,
I'm jealous too, I can't wait until we get to go in Oct. When your there we recommend you going to L'Ambassade D'Auvergne, food from the Auvergne region. Try the warm lentil salad, it was featured in the Bon Appetite this month.

Have fun!!

spacedlaw said...

Enjoy your trip!

Loulou said...

I've been up there a couple of times and on a clear day it is spectacular!
Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

my mélange
I am so excited! How could I not go for that price?

la belette rouge
bonjour! Nice to see you again. :)
I will take many photos and will be posting them to Flickr.

Thanks for the recommendation. Sorry to hear that you won't be able to go. Airfare has really gotten expensive!

I will! Our friends have a little terrace garden so I'm sure we will enjoy some cold rosé out there.
And in the cafés too, of course. :)

I'm going in September when the teashop will be open, so I plan on stopping by. I'm excited to meet Aimee.
The price was really a surprise. Train tickets are usually much more expensive.

Thanks! I would love to meet up. I'll contact you before I leave in mid-September.

Thanks for the recommendation. warm lentil of my favorites!
Hope you have a great visit too!

Loulou said...

Thanks! I plan on enjoying every second.

the Albino Bowler said...

I live in New Orleans and am about to visit my fiancee in Australia. I am writing an ongoing saga of the cultural and physical adventure. I am curious what it is like to be an expat...

Linda said...

My favorite market in Paris in Place d'Aligre. It's open every morning except for Mondays. It's just very lively and there is also a really interesting covered market there. Have a drink at a funky little bar there called Baron Bouge.

Loulou said...

albino bowler
Are you asking about being an American expat in France or are you thinking of moving to Australia and want to know what the experience of an American in Australia would be like?
For me, being an expat is fine. It has its ups and downs, but mostly ups. I don't regret moving here for a second.

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll write them in my book so I don't forget.

Mr Q said...

Hi Loulou, My Name is Quentin, from the Chateau de Gourgazaud, thanks for your link !

If you're looking for a non official but well advised guide of restaurants in Paris, you should visit (sorry It's in french) but I'm sure you'll find a nice selection there.
have a nice trip there.

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Loulou! I'd love to be in your shoes - living in the French countryside and being able to go to Paris for 17 euros. :)
C'est vrai que votre vie est belle. (God, I hope that was correct French!)
Have fun!

HamishWM said...

Hi Loulou
Is this offer still running? It costs €90 to fill my car at the moment! I can not find the deal on SNCF.
I fancy a trip to eat lots and explore wine shops in Paris!!


Loulou said...

mr q
Thanks for the paris resto site. Looks great!
we love your wine so are happy to let others know how wonderful it is.
à bientôt!

It is wonderful! We are very fortunate.

Just create an account with them and they'll send you all the promos to your email account. I'm not sure if that promo is still running. It was a "Bons Plans" and the dates and times were very specific. But worth it if you are flexible!

DJ said...

I hope you have a lot of fun! I am going to Paris and Rome in February. I am super excited!

Loulou in France said...

Hope you have a fabulous visit!