July 22, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - L'Écu

If you're considering a visit to the south of France, specifically to the Languedoc region, but just can't quite decide, well let me make the decision for you.

You must come visit, if only for the cheese. This region's offerings are that good.

(and the wine ain't bad, either)

My latest discovery is L'Écu, a little triangle of unpasteurized chèvre that I noticed for sale at a local shop about a year ago. I finally got around to buying a piece last week. Have I been missing out!

It is produced at the Domaine de Combebelle, located in the hills above Bize-Minervois. They have a goat farm - une chèvrerie - on the property where you can visit to feed the goats and buy cheese and fresh goat's milk.
This soft and dense little cheese surprisingly had no odor. The texture was both chalky and smooth and I thought it was perfect for spreading on bread and drizzling with honey. The flavor was light, sweet and mildly goaty. Very friendly and delicious!

A glass of our neighbor's Viognier was a perfect accompaniment.

the pattern on the rind reminds me of snake skin
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