July 4, 2008

Just Bitchin'

Over the last couple of weeks I've read a few posts from foreign bloggers living in France who have been bitching about other foreign bloggers living in France. The main bitch is that some foreign bloggers in France think that other foreign bloggers in France shouldn't be bitching about any aspect of life in France.
They should accept that they're living in a foreign country and that things are different here.

Fair enough.

I agree that here are a lot of silly things that foreigners living in France bitch about and that one should adapt.
But I had to comment on all this bitching because French bureaucracy, in my opinion, is always fair game.

And after a bit of research I realized that most of the foreign bloggers in France who are bitching about the foreign bloggers in France that bitch about France (you're following me, aren't you?) are all married to or living with French people.
i.e. They have no idea what it is like to come here alone or with a lover/spouse who isn't French and try to deal with French bureaucracy without that buffer.

Which is exactly what I've had to do.
And I just have to say, sometimes it ain't easy.

French bureaucracy keeps beating me up and knocking me to the ground. But I get up, dust myself off and go back for more. Because I absolutely love living here.

And sometimes I bitch about bureaucracy. I feel I have that right. Pin It
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