June 20, 2008

Mon Panier Bio (My Organic CSA Basket)

Last winter I was offered the chance to subscribe to a weekly organic CSA basket, which I would have loved to do. However, the pick up station was 40 minutes from our house and it seemed to me that the amount of fuel I would use up driving back and forth would cancel out all the good I was doing for the environment by buying organic - called BIO in France - in the first place.

I also wanted to support the farmer who offered the service, but economics were also an issue. The basket was 13€ a week and it would have cost me about 10€ a week to drive back and forth, so those would have been some seriously expensive veggies!

Last weekend I discovered that a woman in a village just a few miles away was starting her own CSA basket subscription service.
Actually, it isn't that formal yet. You show up and she picks her organic vegetables, herbs and fruit while you wait, then charges you for a crate. No subscribing for months at a time and the cost was only 7€.

Even better, our friend picked up our crate on his way through her village last night (he comes to our village café to play bridge with my hubby every Thursday) and delivered it right to us. Talk about service!
Now I can get wine and garden fresh, organic produce delivered to our house. Almost like living in the city. Now if we could just get some Chinese food delivered...

As you can see, this first week's offerings are green, green and more green.
And it looks like we'll be enjoying zucchini at virtually every meal until next week's panier is delivered.
Which will probably include more zucchini!

This week's basket contained a few kilos of different varieties of zucchini, 2 varieties of lettuce, 2 green peppers, fresh fennel and mint.

To subscribe to your own CSA basket:
In France: mon panier bio
In America: local harvest Pin It


Scintilla said...

Try growing your own zucchini - very easy!

Loulou said...

I planted a couple but the snails ate the young plants!

Danielle said...

I love how you did your homework about this! You found a solution supports a neighboring farmer, provides you with nutritious produce, saves gas and carbon emissions, and is a great deal! It's a perfect example of where our food networks should be heading.

Loulou said...

I figured there would be an easier solution to all that driving! and with fuel about 8$ a gallon, we can't just drive endlessly (nor would we want to).
Yes, if people just would do a little homework and have patience, thing do have a way of working out.