May 27, 2008

Thunderstorm Morning

We've been getting some much needed rain in the last week. Most of it in short-lived bursts of heavy rain.

This morning two thunderstorms rolled through before I even woke up at 7:45.
I took this photo at 9:30 am. It was so dark in the house that we had to turn the lights back on and the camera needed the flash to capture the foreboding, stormy sky.

Eerie color!

Tico, our little chihuahua, is scared merde-less when there are thunderstorms. He shivers and hides under blankets or under the bed.

Surprisingly the power hasn't gone out (I shouldn't jinx it by saying's still early in the day) but the computer and TV satellite have been blipping off and on.

No Tuesday morning market for me. The vendors probably didn't bother showing up with this wild weather! Pin It
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