May 15, 2008

Photo du Jour

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nola said...

That is just so beautiful! Love seeing your pics everyday!

b said...

So gorgeous. These photos are such inspiration for my day! Merci!

La Belette Rouge said...

Geraniums in a window box is archetypal French image for me. So lovely!

Carolyn T said...

Loulou - that photo is SO pretty. It makes me want to dig out my watercolor paints and try to create a painting of it. Any chance you'd email me the jpeg file, so I could blow it up bigger to use as my guide? Would sure appreciate it if you would. ctndt at cox dot net.

I love painting landscapes, particularly of houses, roofs, window ledges, etc. You framed the photo perfectly.

Anonymous said...

ditto all of the above.

I'm a little envious. I love how that looks.

Loulou said...

thank you! I love coming across these these little "scenes"

Thanks for telling me how much you enjoy the photos. I appreciate it!

la belette
It is for me too. I'm glad you liked it!
Soon you'll be here to see scenes like this all the time. :)

I will email you the file, no problem! Expect it sometime this weekend. Then will you send me a photo of your finished work?

Soon you'll be seeing red geraniums in window boxes in France more often...

Barbara said...

I love it. said...

I love how when you travel across small towns in France you see these amazing little vignettes like your photos. Mostly when I have traveled across small towns in the US I saw depressing scary places.

Have you sold your house? If it were a tad closer to Toulouse we might have been interested.

winedeb said...

That looks like it would make a lovely postcard! Great shot!

Loulou said...

Glad you like it!

There are beautiful images everywhere! I always keep my camera with me, just in case.

Thanks! I think I'll add it to my Café Press Store as a card or postcard.