April 19, 2008

A Week In The Life

Wow. Saturday already. Another week gone.
What have I been up to?

I met a cool and very brave woman and saw the house she purchased in a neighboring village. Needs a lot of work but is a great place!

I firmed up plans to meet another blogger in Albi and hopefully visit a cheese shop there.

I ate my way through about a kilo of asparagus.

We enjoyed an evening out at our local café/bar where I had a great chat with the local honey maker.

I checked the garden to find that yes, the arugula and lettuce seeds have indeed sprouted!

I decided that it was time to master the art of soufflé. Maybe this one with Roquefort?

Taking care of our neighbor's dog, so getting two long walks every day up the hill in the garrigue.

I found and purchased an affordable ice cream maker. (I've been wanting to replace the one we left behind in the States since we moved here 5 years ago...it's about time!)

Errands, always errands; groceries, dog to the vet, pharmacy, bank, etc. Pin It
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