April 19, 2008

Photos du Jour - le Soleil

The sun is back! For how long, who knows.
I know we need rain, quite badly in fact, but these dark, rainy days make it feel like winter will never end.

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wcs said...

Well, up here in the Loire Valley region, we really don't need the rain. I'll bet we do, to replenish the water table and all that, but it's rained so much for nearly 18 months that we're really tired of it. A hot dry spell would be most welcome. ;)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hip Hip Hooray...it has been very very cold and wintery here, yesterday was so cold had to get my gloves and scarf out again.

Anonymous said...

It actually snowed her most of the day yesterday, latest in the year it has ever snowed in Seattle. Some places have as much as 3 inches.


Doris said...

Jen, this is Doris in Seattle. I'm trying to figure out my Google ID, if this posts just delete it.



Loulou said...

it has been a strange year hasn't it?
I'm sure you'll eventually get some heat!

I did too! So frustrating.

I read that online. Snow so late in the year! Crazy! I guess I can't complain...

L Vanel said...

Love that photo of the road to the tower!

Loulou said...

Merci! It is beautiful here. when would you like to come visit? :)