January 29, 2008

Portion Control

Yesterday morning I had the chance to visit one of our favorite, locally owned grocery stores here in New Orleans, Dorignac's.

It was interesting to see one of the food trends that has been embraced in the last couple of years; the portioning of food into little, single-serving containers, creating an obscene amount of packaging waste.

I see wine is no exception.

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The Late Bloomer said...

Totally agree with you on the waste of packaging, Loulou -- I've only started to become more and more conscious of this kind of thing in recent times, and now I really make an effort to try to avoid things that are boxed separately or have fancy plastic packaging like that. I work with Japanese colleagues, and although I find the packaging that they use in Japan often very beautiful, it is also not at ALL ecologically sound -- separately wrapped rice crackers in boxes? Pretty, but is it necessary? Hmmm...

And here, wine bottles? What sense is there in that, when we all know that glasses can be washed... I don't know -- it really does seem ambiguous and contradictory, with people on one end making an effort to become more environmentally conscious, and then when we see these kinds of things...

Sorry for my ramble! This just really struck a chord with me. And trust me: I'm far from perfect, and I have a lot of improvements to make... I'm still guilty of buying a lot of the wrong things, but I'm trying to be more and more careful...

White On Rice Couple said...

You're so right on the point! From your picture, all I see is packaging and very little wine. It's illogical to have individual portions of wine when wine is usually poured, not chugg-a-lugged like a bottle of beer.

Loulou said...

Late bloomer
I agree with trying to avoid pretty little packaging. As much as I love it, it pains me to see it thrown away five minutes later!
I asked a friend about the little wine bottles and she said that they are perfect because they're one glass servings. Well, why not just open a bottle, pour yourself ONE glass, and save the rest for later?
It is strange...

White on rice,
Hi and thanks for stopping by!
Do you know anyone who buys wine this way? I think it is so weird! :)

kitchenmage said...

Argh! I hate the multi-layered wrapped small packages of things. I swear, I have bought things where the packaging weighed more than the food - maybe the wine fits that.

Jenna said...

Stumbled onto your site by way of... well, one heck of a lot of random leapfrogging, and wanted to say how much I am enjoying it.

One small thing - while I am trying my darndest to keep wasteful packaging to a minimum in my home... there is ONE use for those single serve bottles.

Neither my husband or I really enjoy drinking wine (at least not the standard reds and whites on the shelves. A local neighbors homebrewed elderberry or current is another story) but there ARE a lot of flavors that are only available with a good deglazing of wine. Buying a regular sized bottle for the 1 cup I need for a sauce inevitably means the rest gets poured out as vinegar after a month or two of rattling around in the fridge. The single serve works perfectly for the home cook who doesn't drink the remains (I also can't see spending $12-$25 on a bottle for one cup of the wine!).

The cardboard is recycled (well, shredded and tossed into the composter) and the bottles? You might be amazed at the myriad of uses you can put those little glass gems to.

Loulou said...

I know! I just don't understand why people buy things that way.
Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

Thanks for commenting.
I'm happy to hear that the little bottles come in handy. I make my own vinegar and could see the attraction of having a few around.

Betty C. said...

I find a lot of examples of over-packaging in France too, like those lots of three cans or three packages of things that are all plastic-wrapped together, or how you have to buy yogurts in groups of 2, 4, 8 etc.

I think in the USA, the anti-obesity movement is going to lead to a lot of things in small packages, though - and thus a lot more packaging.

Loulou said...

As I wrote this post I thought about the things in France that come in small packages...like my daily plain yogurt. I think I'll start making my own.
One of my friends loves the little sizes because he can control how much he eats.