January 31, 2008

Creole Homes, Scrabble and a King Cake

Monday night is Scrabble Night at Mary and Tomio's amazing home in the Bywater neighborhood, home of the world famous Mirliton Festival.

It is an evening of Mary's wonderful food - to die for kumquat glazed ham, baked Japanese, white-flesh sweet potatoes, skillet cornbread, cheese smothered cauliflower and chocolate pecan King Cake for dessert - fabulous conversation and a Scrabble game or two. (which I always lose)

Mary and Tomio's kitchen

a tableau of turtle shells in dining room
turtle soup anyone?

Mary and Tomio's home, as well as our friend, Peter's, are featured in a recently published, informative and beautifully photographed book, Creole Houses: Traditonal Homes of Old Louisiana. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Speaking of games, I thought about attempting scrabble in French but I hate loosing AND looking dumb in front of people (which seems to happen more often than I'd like).

Loulou said...

You should give it a try. Your vocabulary will increase dramatically!