January 6, 2008

Photos du Jour

No tourists on the Canal du Midi during the winter.
Only ducks.

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Betty C. said...

And some nice sun! It warms me up with all of the gloom and rain going on here...

Kate Hill said...

I'll second that; we call it Gloomy Gascony here! Thanks for the Sun.

Loulou said...

Betty and Kate,

We've had days of gloom and heavy rain too. It was nice to see the sun again! And it is really warm! I've turned off two of our three heaters.

Anonymous said...

Mon Dieu! Le Canal du Midi!
I haven't seen it in about 10 years! waou!
Thank you for sharing this, you just made my day! well err...actually it's 11pm at night.

Loulou said...

zen chef,
Glad to have brought back happy memories for you. Our house is about 5 minutes from the Canal du Midi!