January 9, 2008

Photo du Jour

Winter hydrangeas. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. A real sight for sore eyes here in the Northeast!! But, that blog header is really pulling at my heartstrings ;)

wcs said...

I like the new header photo, too! And my winter hydrangeas are a bit sadder looking... maybe because of our freezes. It's time time to trim them back before spring.

Jennifer said...

my melange,
I decided to show something brighter on the header instead of drab dark colors. I'm glad you like it!

The hydrangeas are protected in a courtyard so they haven't frozen. They still may though! You never know what kind of cold January and February will bring!

Charm and Grace said...

I am not sure if there's any floral look I love more than winter hydrangeas. Thanks for the lovely photo.


Charm & Grace Blog

Jennifer said...

charm and grace,
you're very welcome. I'm glad you liked the photo!