January 8, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Creamy Époisses de Bourgogne

A beautiful, golden Époisses de Bourgogne recently graced us with its presence.

Époisses was referred to as "le roi des fromages" (the king of cheese) by Brillat-Savarin and is still considered by many cheese aficionados as one of the world's greatest cheeses.
Up until the 1930's there were hundreds of Époisses makers, but its production almost completely stopped during the Second World War. Production was picked back up in 1956 by a Monsieur Berthaut who was determined to revive this noble cheese from Burgundy.
Merci Monsieur!
The deep gold rind is washed in salt water for three weeks, then washed in marc de Bourgogne for several weeks, creating a flavor that is delicate, soft and creamy, rich, sweet and tangy. The outdoorsy, barnyard-like smell is quite something to behold, but don't let it scare you! This is one of France's very unique, special cheeses.
Pour a glass of white Burgundy such as a Pouilly-Fuissé to enjoy with Époisses.

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