December 28, 2007

La Fête du Fromage

Caruchon, a slender Bûchette de Lure and a little Bouton de Culotte

Our most recent cheese tasting adventures led us to a triangle of Caruchon, a slender Bûchette de Lure and a little, squat Bouton de Culotte.

The Mâconnais region of southern Burgundy is home to the goats that produce the little rounds called Boutonde Culotte (literally, Trouser Button). This cheese is sometimes made from half goat, half cow's milk or entirely unpasteurized cow's milk, but the one we tasted was all unpasteurized goat's milk.
The best time to eat the Bouton is from December to March, when its exterior has a pale, yellow cast and the interior is slightly dry and crumbly. Its mild, sweet flavor tickles your tongue, making the Bouton a delightful cheese to serve as an apéritif with a glass of white Bourgogne Aligoté.

The long, slender
chette de Lure is another fromage de chèvre fermier. Also called chette de Chèvre, this tender, little ingot was unfortunately pretty tasteless. It might redeem itself when added to a salad or a gratin. I believe this cheese comes from the Lure mountains in Provence.

Finally, a large piece of Caruchon. This is a pure, lush sheep's milk cheese that is produced in the picturesque Aveyron département, home to the famous Roquefort. It has a mild and tangy flavor with a dense, creamy texture that can really ooze once the cheese matures. This was a pleasant, "friendly'' cheese. 

Pour yourself a glass of fruity Beaujolais with Caruchon.

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La Belette Rouge said...

Curious, what do you prefer to pair these cheese with. Bread, crackers, fruit, nuts....or do you just do cheese and wine?

wcs said...

I get the impression that every day is a fête du fromage at your place!

Jennifer said...

la belette,
We always have bread with the cheese, sometimes walnuts and apples or pear, depending on which cheese.
For a wonderful treat; fresh goat's cheese is fantastic drizzled with acacia honey.

Seems to be more and more! We love to celebrate something, so why not cheese? :)

Anonymous said...

I have an affinity for apples or pears, cheese(brie or goat) and crackers. Yum!

Jennifer said...

You'll be very happy when you finally get to France! :)
Cheese everywhere!