December 7, 2007

Four By Four Meme - All About Moi

I was tagged for this Four By Four Meme by the lovely Kate in Gascony about three weeks ago and am just now finding some time to sit and think about the questions and my answers.

I had to alter a couple of the questions a bit. Kate's What’s the 4 best and worst things about living on a boat? questions don't apply to my landlocked life, so I looked at Rosa's questions (who tagged Kate) and substituted one of hers.
Ok, here goes...

What four things do you love most about living in France?

1. The outdoor markets. I love them! I love getting to know the vendors, the bustle and sights and sounds. I love watching the markets change with the seasons.

2. The appreciation of food and wine.
3. There's always something new to experience
4. Discovering the beauty and charm of each new region and place that I visit in France

What four most memorable jobs you have had?

1. Taking care of the animals in a pet shop
2. An au pair near
3. A personal chef
4. Selling antiques at a shop in New Orleans

Four quirky things about the way I eat (and drink)

1. Leftover Thai green curry is one of my favorite breakfasts
2. I don't like sour cream or mayonnaise (unless it's homemade)
3. I like to put popcorn in a glass of milk, get it all soggy, then eat it with a spoon (my mom taught me this!)
4. When I go to the States I find that I like to eat chips and salsa. All. The. Time. It's weird!

What are your four favorite foods?

1. Oaxacan mole
2. New Orleans BBQ shrimp
3. Huckleberries
4. Thai curries

Four recipes you cook all the time?

1. pasta with amatriciana sauce
2. jambalaya
3. lemon tart
4. soups

Four people who I'd like to participate in this meme.

1. Robyn at Lick Your Own Bowl
2. Ms. Glaze in Paris
3. Nicole at Pinch My Salt
4. La Belette Rouge Pin It


La Belette Rouge said...

Cher Loulou,
Thanks so much for including me in your French game of tag ;-)
I love the French markets too---especially the flower and bird markets. I dream of them often.

I was so feeling you on your food oddities. I love Thai curry and could eat any time of day. But, then I got to your popcorn in a glass of milk and found myself recoiling in horror. And, yet, who am I to judge? You have great taste--so I might be missing out on a taste treat sensation. One day, I may work up the nerve to try it ;-)
Fun post and fun list.

Figs Olives Wine said...

Whoever had you as a personal chef was lucky, lucky, lucky! I love the way you describe the markets. Not only makes me want to get back to France asap (what else is new?), but also reminds me how much I'll miss the greenmarkets in the city when we eventually have to move to the burbs. Which I think will probably happen in the next few years. Great post!

Loulou said...

La belette rouge,
you're welcome. I hope you join in!
I know, the popcorn thing is bizarre...

you write a lot about the markets in New York. I can imagine how much you would miss them if you move away!
Thanks for the nice comment.

Kate Hill said...

oh the guilty pleasures... I love the popcorn in milk one! I have long had a penchant for putting bread, rice, saltine crackers or almost anything in a glass covered with milk. But Popcorn is a new one- can't wait to try it. looking forward to the next four responses...

Loulou said...

The salty-buttery popcorn is really good in milk. It does sound a bit weird, but it is good!
Can you make popcorn on your cool woodstove?