November 17, 2007

Weekend Goings On - Most Importantly, What's for Lunch

This morning I'm getting all sorts of little, last minute things done around the house before I run to la boulangerie and begin making lunch. We've got three family members arriving from America around two o'clock this afternoon, so we thought we'd have a glass of wine and lunch waiting for them.

On the menu today:
Lucques olive tapenade
An updated Coq au Vin that I make with some sparkling Saumur, which I started cooking with last spring. It makes a lovely sauce! I need to write the recipe down and share it.
Cheese course consisting of Maroilles, Cantal Entre-Deux and Chabichou de Poitou.
Tarte Tatin

Tomorrow, I'll let someone else be the chef! Pin It


My Melange said...

Yes, please share your coq au vin recipe!! It is very windy here in my area of the US....I have stared to call it the Mistral wind. Think I'm a little too obsessed with Provence??????

Enjoy your lunch and visit with family!!

La Belette Rouge said...

What a delicious post! Hope you have a lovely time with your guests.

Loulou said...

my melange
I will! It was really good (if I do say so myself)
We're having terrible, cold wind right now too.

la belette rouge
Merco for stopping by and for the good wishes.