November 30, 2007

Photos du Jour - Italian Confection Heaven

You need to be an Italian millionaire to afford these perfect, beautiful goodies. But what wonderful eye candy!

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bluesky said...

Mmmmmm! What fruits are on the top shelf of the first photo? They can't be strawberries surely?

La Belette Rouge said...

All those red fruits on one cake. There is as much plesure to be had in looking at these cakes as there is in eating them....well, maybe not :)

wcs said...

These are hard to look at first thing in the morning... makes you want to abandon your plans for lunch and just head to the sweet shop!

Loulou said...

They were ripe strawberries! Aren't they beautiful?

la belette rouge,
They were gorgeous to look at...but they probably tasted better! :)

I know! A nice cake for breakfast anyone?

bluesky said...

what a way to go!

Loulou said...

fabulous, huh?