November 29, 2007

Photo du Jour - From Italy

Gorgeous gelato in Milano.

I'm back! Thanks to our visiting computer expert, Zach, for getting things up and running again. Pin It


La Belette Rouge said...

Which flavors did you try? I think I might like a taste of each. Beautiful!

Loulou said...

I tried the Baci flavor and a coffee and chocolate mixture. It was so cold and rainy that a warm cappuccino was more desirable than a cold cone of gelato!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

OH MY favorite treat in the world!!!! When we went to Rome a couple years ago our native Roman friends showed us how to order them...three flavors high and whipped cream on top :)
Gelato in Italy is the best taste in the world, and so beautiful in the glass case.

Loulou said...

You definitely cannot visit Italy without eating gelato!