November 6, 2007

Templais Sec

Templais Sec

The market in Nérac on Saturday yielded this nice hunk of Templais Sec from the village of Temple-sur-Lot in the Lot-et-Garonne département.

It was shared with a dozen others and the first taste comparison that sprung to everyone's mind was Parmigiano-Reggiano! It had that lovely, nutty flavor and that crumbly texture. Big, tasty shards were broken off with a blunt little cheese knife and enjoyed with a robust red from Cahors.
From the looks of it, Templier is only available locally, about two hours north of here. I looked for it at our market this morning and didn't find it. When I'm in Narbonne later this week I plan on asking about it at the fromagerie.
I loved nibbling on this cheese and should have brought home a big chunk of it. Guess we'll have to take another trip north to visit Kate at the Relais de Camont!

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Kate Hill said...

I found the name of the fromager near Le Temple du Lot; Fromage de Broc and I believe we ate the Fleuron, aged 12 months. YUM. so many good food souvenirs!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for this! I looked and looked and couldn't find much. I figured that it had been aged - the texture seemed like it. I thought it was a great cheese.
I'm sitting here, craving fritons de canard...