October 20, 2007

Sunday Lunch

We have wonderful friends with big kitchens (ours is really small) and big dining spaces (again...tiny) and big terraces (don't have one of those) who like to have us around for long, Sunday lunches. We reciprocate, but on a smaller scale. Having six around our table is a stretch, having eight means moving large pieces of furniture around.

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon eating, drinking, laughing and watching one of the little ones swim. The house and garden has come a long way since last spring, the site of the nine hour lunch. This time it was about a seven hour lunch. Guess we're losing our stamina...

creamy pumpkin soup inside

stuffed pork loin with roasted cherry tomatoes and potato gratin

I brought dessert, but no photos were taken. It was a dense, rich, flourless chocolate cake called (Almost) Instant "Fix" Chocolate Heroin Cake. I used some coffee liqueur and didn't add any nuts. It was delicious and a highly recommended recipe!

she decided to swim even though it was only about 68 degrees outside

and the other little one did what he normally does, sleep

Today we're invited to another friend's for lunch. It's a long, lazy Saturday lunch this weekend! Pin It


Deborah said...

I enlarged the lunch photo and wow!...scrumptiously delicious looking! Recipes for the pork loin? I would love to have that.

Seven hour lunch huh?...only in France!

Thanks for sharing!

barbara said...

Hi Loulou,
Thank you for stopping by my place ;)
You have a beautiful blog. We are also very much into photos, and I tend to share quite a few.
That GREAT eating & "convivialité" around the table do make life enjoyable here.

Have a great Sunday.

wcs said...

Sounds great. We did that once last year, when we actually had a summer, and served a huge couscous lunch under our apple tree. What fun !

Loulou said...

My friend made it, but I think it came from Jamie Oliver's Italy cookbook. My friend is currently out of town until next month but I can ask him when he gets back.
Thanks for stopping by to say hi and commenting!

merci! Thank you for the nice compliments!
I enjoyed looking at your photos and your blog.

I love couscous! We'll be happy to receive an invitation next summer when you have another meal under your apple tree.

sugarcraftindia said...

Hi Loulou,
The idea of having the soup inside the pumpkin on the table is just awesome....looks too gud!!


Lynnylu said...

What a beautful lunch! We used to have long lunches at some of the family pubs in England and yours brought back some great memories.

Loulou said...

it was a beautiful pumpkin and it made some lovely soup! We wanted to save the pumpkin shell by putting it in the freezer, but our freezer is too small.

I'm happy to hear that this brought back good memories. :)
Long, weekend lunches are one of my favorite things about living in France.