October 31, 2007

Photo du Jour

This was hanging in the waiting room at the doctor's office. It was a tiny sign, about the size of a large index card.
Nothing posted about not smoking while pregnant, I noticed. Pin It


Samantha said...

It's a start though. When my SIL was pregnant two years ago, her doctor was still telling her it was okay for her to have a glass a day!

Loulou said...

Oh my! Doctor's orders, huh?

I think this sign shows serious progress and was quite amazed by it.

cara said...

if you look on the back of wine bottles, that same image is now supposed to be there. however, it is soooo small that you wouldn't know what it was.

my doctor's office has signs about not smoking while pregnant, for all the good it does. Bastia hospital still has a huge banner hanging across it proudly declaring it a no-smoking hopsital. wow. congrats, guys. really progressive of you.