October 30, 2007

La Fête du Fromage

One of the mobile fromageries that come to the Olonzac market is owned by a pair of friendly and gregarious guys who I find very helpful in my quest for new cheeses to try. Last week I stopped by their truck to have a chat with them and taste a few samples. I ended up falling in love with and buying a cheese that they called Fromage de Trois Laits and some Bethmale, which I've already tasted and written about.

The lush Fromage de Trois Laits was a rich mélange of unpasteurized cow, goat and sheep's milk that was produced in the Pyrénées mountains where it was aged for a minimum of four months. I did a bit of research on this cheese and found several types of cheese from the Pyrénées that were a mixture of cow and sheep milk, called Mixte, or sheep and goat milk, but not all three. Anyone ever heard of it?
It had a dense and creamy texture that I thought was just perfect! The flavor was sweet, buttery, mildly salty and very voluptuous. If you can get a hold of some Fromage de Trois Laits, you must try it!
A glass of Graves sec or a Jurançon sec would compliment this cheese nicely. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I have never met a French cheese I didn't like. The stinkier the better!!! I must try this one when I come to Provence ;) Thanks for the recommendation Loulou!

Susan in Italy said...

It sounds like it would be a very nice balance of tangy from the goat and smooth from the cow. Reminds me of the (totally different) Mexican Tres Leches cake made with goat-milk caramel, condensed cow's milk and whipping cream. To die for.

Jennifer said...

my melange,
you'll love it! When are you coming to Provence?

I read about a few "3 milk" cheeses while researching this one, but I didn't come across that! Sounds amazing!