October 16, 2007

Photo du Jour

See that swollen bubble thing on his little neck?
He's going in for surgery this Friday to remove the cyst that's blocking his salivary gland and causing that swelling.
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Riana Lagarde said...

poor petal, feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

thanks. I'll let you know how it goes!

wcs said...

Poor pup ! Callie sends a hearty "get well" woof !

Jennifer said...

wcs and Callie,
Thank you! We'll update you on his progress.

The Passionate Palate said...

I love the post about the French habits! The same could be said for the Italians.

I am new to your blog, but very touched...especially by the sight of your poor little, four-legged friend. How is he?

Jennifer said...

passionate palate,
Thanks for the nice comments! I agree that many of my favorite things about France can also be appreciated in Italy.
Tico is fine, thanks. He's just come home and I've posted a photo of his bandage.