October 9, 2007

A Little Chèvre From Heaven

La Fête du Fromage has gone local this week.
A goat cheese producer from La Salvetat sur Agôut, about 34 miles away, is a new fixture at the Olonzac market. I had a nice chat with him after which he offered me a taste of three different varieties of his cheese, and an invitation to the farm.

I came home with this little log of ash covered, brilliant white colored and very dense chèvre. This is fermier cheese at it's finest! It had only been aged for a week so its flavor was mild, with earthy, mushroom flavors, and its light aroma was sweet and milky. We thought it was sublime!
I'm heading to his farm as soon as I get the chance. (hopefully it will be easier than my other, recent farm visit)

My advice...if you know of, or live close to a goat farmer who makes their own cheese, go and try it!

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Daniel Kresco said...

Thanks so much for doing this blog. My wife and I are going to France next year. This info is all fantastic, And that cheese looks amazing!


Riana Lagarde said...

Ohhh, I know where that is, in fact, its close to our secret mushroom picking location. I think we have driven past their farm (that means you'll be able to get in this time).

Have a great time! Ask if they sell their goat milk for me please!

Jennifer said...

You're very welcome. I enjoy writing it!
When you come to France I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy lots of delicious cheese!

You go all the way up there to go mushroom hunting?
I might try to go next week and will definitely ask about the goat milk for you!