August 28, 2007

La Fête du Fromage-Charolais and Chèvre Bleu

Charolais and Bleu de Chèvre

Well, it looks like I accidentally repeated a cheese this week. I picked up a couple in Béziers last Friday without consulting my list, et voilà, I purchased more Bleu de Chèvre, thinking that I had tried a Bleu de Brebis before. It looked completely different than the Bleu de Chèvre I bought last month and even had a slightly different name, Chèvre Bleu.

So, we got to taste this one again. Not such a terrible thing....

I also picked up a little drum of Charolais.

This Chèvre Bleu, the cheese in front, is made locally, in the Corbières. It is covered in ash and matured to perfection.This chèvre has a lovely, tangy taste mixed with the flavor of aged goat's cheese that I find very desirable.
A glass of Corbières red was the perfect pairing.

Charolais and Bleu de Chèvre

The tall, cylindrical Charolais comes from the granite plains of the Charolais region of Burgundy. It is a férmier cheese, traditionally made from two parts unpasteurized goat's milk and one part unpasteurized cow's milk.
Charolais is discreetly salty and slightly sweet, and offers a nice, long finish. Its texture is chalky, dense and rather dry. I loved the way its flavor opened up in my mouth and thought it was excellent.
Enjoy a glass of Beaujolais with this cheese.

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spacedlaw said...

The Charolais looks so good, I could just have some for breakfast.

Loulou said...

For breakfast? Count me in! :)