July 25, 2007

Nice Neighbors With Gardens

Our neighbors are so generous!
Every week during the summer months an abundance of vegetables is lavished upon us.
You see, they all have productive gardens. Unlike yours truly...

Sometimes they invite me in through their garden gates, hand me a bucket and tell me to pick as much as I like. Sometimes I'm handed a bag crammed with fruit and vegetables as I'm heading down the lane to our garden (to coax our pathetic little plants along) and sometimes they leave bags of produce hanging on our front door.
This morning Pierrot handed me a small bucket of perfectly ripe, juicy tomatoes and yesterday André called me to his garden to give me a box full of pale yellow snap beans, small lettuces, tomatoes and the most beautiful, shiny purple eggplants.

One was as big as our chihuahua!

I just wasn't given the gift of green thumbs.
Thank goodness for nice neighbors! Pin It


Figs Olives Wine said...

An embarrassment of riches - what wonderful neighbors!

Loulou said...

it really is!
When I asked André what he was going to do with the rows and rows of snap beans he replied "share them"