June 21, 2007

le Jardin

tomatoes and nasturtiums

Never thought I would be one of those people who got excited about gardening. Well, maybe excited isn't exactly the right word. I should say I'm satisfied with gardening.
Surprisingly, the apricot tree produced some fruit. We thought it was sickly, so we're happy to report that it isn't. Apricot clafouti this weekend!
Everything else is coming along. S L O W L Y it seems, when I look at the size of the gigantic tomato plants in the other garden plots around ours. What are they using on their plants to get them to grow so freakin' huge?

little olives

baby grapes

the dog, passed out after running around the garden Pin It


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I'm a reluctant gardener as well--I love when things turn out great, but I'm not obsessive about it, and honestly, don't enjoy it all that much (but I still do it because I enjoy it just enough I suppose). Love the dog-tired pooch--just like mine after a day of running around the garden. I posted a meme done by my Luna today--if your dog wants to be a bloggie doggie....

Papadesdeux said...

Don't let them fool you. I bet your neighbors started out with big tomato plants to give them a head start. Besides, you have to be careful, sometimes you get a huge green plant with very few tomatoes. Of course I can hardly make weeds grow. More of a concrete guy myself.

Riana Lagarde said...

miracle gro--- its what they use! I swear. your garden looks great!

wcs said...

I haven't met a français yet that's shy about dumping all manner of fertilizer on everything that grows.

This year the problem is lack of sun and warmth, at least up here. I did fertilize my tomatoes and eggplant to give them at least some help in this pitiful excuse for a growing season.

I love to watch everything grow and am not shy about posting them. So please continue to show pics of your garden !

Jennifer said...

We haven't bought a pump for our very deep well so I have to lug water back and forth from a spring down the lane. Good for my arm muscles, but a pain in the ass!
Tico, the little dog, might be interested. I'll ask him

yes, this garden does make me realize that I am definitely a city girl! Container gardens are the way to go!

I figured something like that. I'm trying not to use chemicals so everything will probably be smaller

it hasn't been that warm here either, and lots of humidity.
I'll keep taking pictures!

Zachary said...

Plutonium.. that's the ticket.. :)