June 22, 2007

Encore le Jardin

Yes, I took some more pictures of the garden. And of the dogs.

the herbs are doing really well

siesta spot

les figues

how he spends 85% of his day

handsome boy Pin It


Katie Zeller said...

I like the grapes! My garden is pathetic as well. Too much rain and no sunshine. It didn't grow a bit while we were gone, sigh...

wcs said...

Two of my favorite themes !

I'm quite jealous of your basil and your figues.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the figs are coming on nicely...enough for few tarte aux figues?

Jennifer said...

it has been a pretty bizarre summer, weather-wise.

I know! I love all of your photos of Callie, she's adorable

we picked a couple yesterday, but there aren't enough for a tart yet. Soon, I hope!

Susan in Italy said...

What a great garden with that stone wal and an actual cushiony banch to rest on between watering and weeding. With only a balcony to garden I'm green with envy.

mpabner said...

I am jealous of the figs as well!

Jennifer said...

it is a lovely spot to enjoy the sun and read
one of these days I'll have to see if our WiFi reaches that far as it is about 100 meters from our house

no figs in Florida? :) My dad called the other night to tell me how jealous he was too!