May 21, 2007


We spent the weekend having long lunches with friends. Definitely the best way to spend a lazy holiday weekend here in France.

Saturday was a curry extravaganza by the sea which left us feeling very satisfied and needing a nap. Strangely enough, we were able to garner the energy to go wine tasting in the late afternoon...

Sunday's lunch featured gigot d'agneau, roasted potatoes and cauliflower gratin followed by a fabulous apple and frangipane tart, kind of like this. John and Huw are wonderful cooks and we always know to expect delicious food, wonderful company and a fun afternoon when we're invited to John's house.

Today we're drinking lots of water and eating salad. Pin It

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Papadesdeux said...

Oooo, all that eating. I'm envious.

I picked up both a couple of sheep's milk cheeses today. One from Corsica (Corse) and one from the Pyrenees (Pyrénées). I will try and make notes.