April 6, 2007

Paris on My Mind

My sister just called and we talked some more about our trip and now I am really getting excited! I just read about a cheese shop in the 6ème arrondissement, close to the apartment we're staying in, that offers cheese tastings with a green salad and wine. I think we may miss out on some major sites as we may be spending most of our time in this little shop!

I also have Cannes on my mind. My sister managed to get us a villa in the hills above Cannes for five nights, FREE.
A villa in the Côte d'Azur for five nights.

With a swimming pool that has a view over the bay of Cannes.

Merci my charming, beautiful sister. Three more weeks, I'm counting the days and I know you are too! Pin It


Emily said...

Free place in Cannes?! How lucky are you! How'd she find that?

Loulou said...

it was a generous friend of a friend thing. I feel really lucky!

Katie said...

What a gorgeous spot!
I hope the weather is perfect for you holiday - but, if not...a glass of rose works wonders....

Mimi said...

Don't eat up all the cheese at that little shop, LouLou! Save some for me.

Loulou said...

the rosé will be flowing while we sit on the terrace enjoying that view!

I promise to save you some cheese! When do you leave?

Sister said...

Hi Sis -- I AM SO EXCITED! I love your blog, I love you, I love paris, I love that VILLA, I love cheese....for crying outloud who doesn't love life when they are on the way to see their sister in FRANCE :)