April 3, 2007

Paris in the Spring

What a cliché. But I can't wait!

I haven't been to Paris in eight years. Eight years! We've lived in France for four years and we've never bothered to make the trip. My sister is coming to France at the end of April and we're spending four glorious days in Paris.
She wants to go to the Louvre and I want to take her to the Picasso Museum and to the Rue Cler market. And the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Musée d'Orsay and Spring restaurant and the Marais and the rue des Rosiers where I want to try the strudel at La Boutique Jaune de Sacha Finkelsztajn and have her taste the thickest, richest hot chocolate ever at Angelina on the posh rue de Rivoli.
And, and and...

I don't think four days will be enough. Pin It


Katie said...

2 pairs of really, really comfortable shoes.
2 years ago, when we were there I specifically found restaurants that were too far to walk to...my feet couldn't take anymore. I needed taxis.

Loulou said...

I swear by comfortable shoes! :)

wcs said...

Very cool. We go to Paris more often since we're much closer. But still, I think we spent more time in Paris when we lived in San Francisco than we have since we've lived in France... go figure.

By the way, I did your asparagus recipe (with a few modifications - I added mushrooms and used parmesan instead of romano). It was delcious. Thanks for the idea & recipe !

Brunofrance said...

adding mushrooms is a great idea and I would probably use Parmesan too (as I said, I didn't have any cheese to use at all when I made it!) as it is almost impossible to find Romano here. thanks for letting me know how it turned out.

Riana said...

Angelina has fabulous macarons too,and use their bathrooms upstairs, its like walking into the 1880's. I took photos ;)

We will have to get together before you go so I can talk your head off about where you "must" go in Paris.

Loulou said...

the comment above was from me, Loulou. Bruno is my husband and I didn't notice that I was logged in under his sign on!

yes, I would love to hear some of your favorite places in Paris. I remember the women's room at Angelina but didn't try the macaroons. I will!