April 2, 2007

My Next Splurge

I've been drooling over this gorgeous book for the last couple of years. It is crammed full of recipes (a mere 700 of them), photos, step-by-step instructions and detailed history of Cajun and Creole cuisine.
In New Orleans I almost broke down and bought it at my friend's shop, The Kitchen Witch, but the damn thing weighs 10 pounds and my bags were already too full! Now I regret not hauling it back to France with me.

Let's see, I just had a birthday. How many days left until Christmas? Pin It


sue weaver said...

Dear Jen - We love visiting with you via this blog. We tried to print the Nutella mousse recipe - it looks great! Look for the new book with Mary Cooper's house "Creole Houses: Traditional homes of old Louisiana" (Abrams).
Glad to hear your Mom is rallying. We went to see the movie "The Namesake" today & highly recommend it. Glad your driving hasn't been adversely affected by your time in the US. Mary is growing asapargus (& harvesting) & we think your risotto recipe should be a dream.
Love from Mary, Tomio & Susan

Gary said...

That book was my big purchase this trip to NOLA. Got it from the Kitchen Witch!




Loulou said...

great to hear from you and glad you're reading the blog! thanks for the update on you all.

I looked at it at Donna's and wanted it so badly, but it was just too cumbersome! Have you cooked anything out of it yet?

Katie said...

Buy it through Amazon UK and forget hauling it back.
I ordered a huge cook/food book from Marketplace. Turned out to be from Canada. I got it in a week and the shipping was only around $4.00. The book itself was $7.00. New it was $45.00...and it was in perfect condition. It weighed at least 10 pounds...