February 28, 2007

What's Happening Here in France

Seems like I haven't written about France much lately. And I've hardly cooked a thing in three weeks, so there hasn't been much to write about that either. I was looking forward to settling back in to "life in general" here in our little village when a call came Monday afternoon from my sister in California. Our mom had been checked back into the hospital Sunday night and was needing surgery as soon as they could get the raging infection in her body under control. I'll spare you the details, but she's been sick for a couple of months and was in the hospital two weeks ago, but it looked like everything was ok. It wasn't.
Surgery took place last night, everything went well and she should be heading home from the hospital Sunday or Monday. My sister is going there today to help and I'm heading back to Spokane, Washington on Tuesday morning to be there when my sister has to go home.
So, "life in general" is being put on hold until I return on the 19th of March. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I have to head back across the pond. Another 20 hours of airplanes and airports. Merde.

Until Tuesday I plan on getting over the virus I contracted last week either on the airplanes, airports or in New Orleans and enjoy some cooking!
I'm making dinner for six tomorrow night and want to try either a coconut chicken curry or a chicken and potato curry recipe that I found on Hooked on Heat and some vegetable side dish with cauliflower.
Spring is definitely in the air which means driving at night is a toad obstacle course. They're out and trying to mate and they're all over the place! The almond trees are in bloom and the bulbs are coming up. We're looking forward to asparagus and strawberries and sitting outside in the sun. Pin It


Katie said...

Sorry about your mom! Hope she is doing well after the surgery.
Back to back trips suck!
You're having spring? I'm jealous, although I do have daffodils blooming. Have a safe trip back. Will send your mom healthy thoughts....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do sympathize! At least you know to avoid the Ramada! Good luck with your mother - sounds awful.

I just read through your posts about your trip and I loved the photos! You made me very hungry.

Riana Lagarde said...

when you get back to france, we can go hunt for wild asparagus!!! fun!!!

hugs to your mom!!!

Jennifer said...

thanks for the nice thoughts about my mom.
we're having warm weather and it is heavenly! I'm surprised it is still cold there.

thank you too, she's recovering slowly.

I would love to!