January 27, 2007

Our South of France, Part II

La Garrigue is the French term for the low scrub land found on limestone hills along the Mediterranean basin. We're surrounded by it.
Wild thyme, rosemary and juniper fill the air with their heady aromas and tall, slender cypress trees punctuate the landscape.

Symmetrical rows of vines. I think they're beautiful.

Visually, it is a stunning place to live. We never get tired of looking out over the views across the valley to the Pyrénées.

These stone walls are perfect hiding places for all kinds of lizards, snails and creepy little scorpions. The old houses are all made of stone and birds make nests where the mortar has crumbled away.
This is a good site about the Minervois, in both French and English.

It's pretty cold today, but the sky is brilliant blue and the sun is shining, so I'm signing off the computer and going out for a walk.
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sognatrice said...

Gorgeous! And happy one year blog-aversary!

Katie said...

I really like that area - not sure what we're doing up here in the rain and, now, snow!

Loulou said...

thank you!

You have snow? hope that ends soon!