January 26, 2007


Yesterday Chez Loulou turned one!
And I forgot in the midst of having no power for four hours and then making the three hour round trip drive to the airport in Toulouse to pick up my husband whose been in the States for the last week. Yea! He's home!

Starting this blog was a very impromptu thing and I'm so glad I did. A very warm thank you to all who read, comment, inspire and encourage.
Looking forward to another year! Pin It


Katie said...

Happy B-Day!

mark said...

Congrats on the 1-year anniversary. And thanks for the mention-link to our new food site Culinate as we embark on our 1st weeks online -- I certainly hope we can merit you attention come our 1 year anniversary.

By the way, totally jealous about where you are living now. Having lived in Seattle and San Fransisco, and now Portland, I can still get a bit envious of other great places like you now call home.

Best wishes, and thanks again.

Mimi said...

Congrats, LouLou!

Loulou said...

thank you all!

really like Culinate and look forward to joining in the contests, although I'm terrible at haiku's, so I'll skip the current one.