October 19, 2006


I've been making my own vinegar for about a year now by just leaving an open bottle of red wine (the opening covered with cheesecloth to discourage fruit flies) on the kitchen counter for a few months and, voilà, vinegar!

But now I want a vinaigrier, like this one.
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atasteofcreole said...

How long do you leave wine out? I live in an area that gets to over 100 degrees. How do you store it after it turns? How long can you keep it? What is the acidity level; 5%. 7% more?

How does one purchase a vinaigrier?

Loulou said...


Here are some facts that will help you out: http://www.versatilevinegar.org/faqs.html

Our house gets very, very warm in the summer (no air conditioning and temp hovers around 90-100 every day) and I just leave it in the kitchen. We don't have a cooler place for it.
Sorry, but I have no idea what the acid level is of my vinegar.
I would do a google search for "vinegar pot" or look at some of the homemade vinegar websites for help with finding a vinaigrier. I purchased mine in France so am not sure where to buy them in the States.

atasteofcreole said...

Thank you for the prompt reply! I did a search and found Leon Stolarski fine wines which sells them for about L60, but I don't know if the post to the US.

I will look. I loathe anything made in china w/the pet food that kills or dry wall with poison or baby formula that kills.

Jeanne (yes pronounced correctly)
New Orleanian transplant

Loulou said...

Emile Henry, a French company, used to make them - the one pictured above is their version. Try Sur la Table or Williams-Sonoma or Cooking.com.
I found this one by typing "vinegar crock" into google.com
Good luck!