October 18, 2006

Pinching Myself

Something odd has happened...
On Monday I was given a provisionary document that allows me to finally open my business. They're sending me the other documents I need in a couple of weeks.
That's it.
Am I still in France? Did they change the system over the weekend to make it easier?

I'm so amazed and excited and now need to go and do millions of little things that I thought I had several more months to do! Pin It


Susan in Italy said...

Congratulations! I my experience (just living in Italy, never having opened a business) bureaucracy works in fits and starts like that. Here's hoping you're on a roll.

Loulou said...

We thought about moving to Italy if France continued to be difficult, but I think it would have been trading one difficult bureaucracy for another!

Riana said...

So excited for you!! That is great, now tell me what kind of business is it? Or is that under wraps?

Loulou said...

I'll be selling handmade jewelry, bags and crafts at the local markets.
Does St Pierre have a good weekly market?

Riana said...

YES, St Pierre has the best one on Sundays for miles and miles around, it's very hard to get into during the summer months, but pretty dead during the winter like the rest of this town.

The Narbonne Thursday market would be a fabulous, its always busy! Yippeee for you!! Thats great!! Can't wait to see what you are making!