April 5, 2017



Nostalgia is a funny thing.

Over the weekend I was looking over my Flickr stream and came across all these lovely photos of springtime in the Languedoc.
I had forgotten how beautiful it is this time of year down there, with the coquelicots and wisteria in bloom and the vines sprouting bright green leaves.

So if you don't mind, I'm going to share some of my nostalgia with you.


Rainy Spring Sunday

Poppies in May

Asparagus and New Garlic

I can't believe how inexpensive this asparagus is!

Spring Blossoms

Wisteria at Chateau Ventenac

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Lee (Braais to Baguettes) said...

Stunning photos! There's nothing quite like French landscapes in springtime! It's my favourite time of the year :)

Taste of France said...

Pretty, pretty! I've noticed the wisteria are all abloom here in the Minervois, as are the lilacs and irises. And yesterday I saw my first poppies, two weeks earlier than last year. It has been very mild. A year without winter. (I shouldn't speak too soon; a couple of years ago we were in the pool in March and then got snow--for a few hours anyway--on May 5).

Darina Nykl said...

Beautiful photos!

Alison said...

So lovely. I'd love to visit the Minervois again.

Dvora said...


Paula Hunter said...

Sigh...would love to be there! Where is the picture of the balcony taken? Would love to sit back with a glass of wine.

Laura Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed.

Rhodesia said...

Beautiful, everything looks just perfect. Have a great weekend, Diane

Jennifer Greco said...

I agree! All the flowers and the bright green leaves. Happy spring!

Taste of France
We're still quite cold up here in Paris. I've seen photos of the poppies blooming everywhere in the south...love this time of year!


Jennifer Greco said...

You should try to visit the next time you're in France. :)


Laura Jeanne
Glad you like the photos!