March 24, 2017

Where To Taste Wine In Paris

Wine Tasting in Paris has a gorgeous new tasting space.

Take a class.
Thierry Givone owns Wine Tasting in Paris, a charming tasting space in the Latin Quarter. I'm a big fan of this guy! He helped me arrange a private Champagne tasting for my family last year, which they absolutely loved. They came away feeling like experts and happily continue applying their Champagne knowledge today.

Sunset apéro on the banks of the Seine followed by a delicious dinner and plenty of cheese. #lifeinFrance

Head to the Seine.
Paris boasts 65 open-air markets and 13 covered markets, so assembling a picnic is a snap. Then head to your local caviste or hit the grocery store for a bottle or two. Just don't forget the corkscrew!

Le Vin

Go to a tasting.
Most Saturdays you can meet the winemakers while tasting their wine at one of the best wine shops in the city, La Dernière Goutte.
Additionally, its owner, Juan Sanchez, offers a fundamentals of French wine class called Elements, which I'm taking next week. You can never have too much wine knowledge!

Red wine afternoon.

At the café. 
They might not serve the best wine that France has to offer, but the people watching will more than make up for it.

Balcony in Paris

On a balcony.
Don't have one? I'm sure you know someone who does!

So many choices...
"Decisions, decisions."

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