July 27, 2015

Port-en-Bessin And Le Marché Aux Poissons


Clams and sea snails and delicious, tender salicornes.


Sign for the locally made fish soup. I love his face!


Low tide.

Fruits de mer! #lifeinFrance #normandie

It's étrille season, a tiny local crab that tastes like lobster. They were busy filling bag after bag with the live crabs for customers.


Port-en-Bessin is famous for its scallops, and there is evidence of that everywhere.


Local oysters from Asnelles-sur-Mer.

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bonnie poppe said...

I too love the soup guy! All that wonderful fishy stuff, what a place.

Maria del mar said...

The marché des poisson are amazing . This doesn't exist back home!

La Torontoise said...

Loulou, I'm in Cannes, enjoying the marché everyday... It feels like I became the fish-cooking queen, all we eat is fish... we just can not get enough of it.

I wish you a great summer time!

La Torontoise said...

PS. Hey, these pictures are so inspirational! It makes me want to go to my fish market and make pictures of everyone and everything there: -) what a great idea for a food photography project!
Thank you!

Jennifer Greco said...

It is a fabulous little covered market! And a great little town.

They really are. I love how fresh and local everything is. Right off the boats!

La Torontoise
So happy to hear that you're enjoying your summer in the south. Hope you're enjoying the beach as well!

JB said...

Just got back from Bayeux to visit my Mom. Do you know by any chance the lookout in Le Bouffay, a hamlet near Commes and Port-en-Bessin? The view from the cliff is stunning and so relaxing, especially at sunset. It's also a well-known paragliding spot in the area.
JB from Ottawa (Canada)

Jennifer Greco said...

Yes, I do know it! Such gorgeous views. :)