July 6, 2015

5 Things

Paris rooftops

1) Paris rooftops and a view of Sacré Coeur in the distance

At Laurent Dubois

2) Seasonal fromage

Le Café Cour

3) Le Café Cour in the Marais

Balcony in Paris

4) My balcony view

Blue Door

5) Cerulean? Azure? Cobalt?

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Nadege said...

Lovely photos!

Thilde Peterson said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Chez Loulou!

Unknown said...

Wonderful Images:
Cerulean blue!

La Torontoise said...

Love the blue gate: -)

Loulou, did you relocate to Paris now?

Have a great summer time!
I just arrived in Cannes, very hot, but as beautiful as I always remember it...

Jennifer Greco said...


You're welcome. Thanks for always stopping by. :)

La Torontoise
Enjoy your summer in Cannes.
I am still back and forth between Paris and Normandy for the time being.

City Slicker said...

#5: Here is a new one for you -- blue! :-)

Jennifer Greco said...


City Slicker
Yes, but that's just so obvious. ;)