April 6, 2015

5 Things

Paris Secrets

1) Hidden behind a blue door


2) Goat cheese is baaaack

Le Baratin

3) Still life

Ile Saint-Louis

4) Looking over the Île Saint-Louis


5) One day I'll be brave enough....

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anne said...

I know how you feel. I lived in Paris for four years and only once got a Velib. Otherwise, the bus, the metro and my own two feet worked better for me!

Emily in Exile said...

Do try the velib! I was too scared for the first 3 years I lived here, but now I love it. Especially when the weather is nice like this week and you don't want to go down in the stinky metro.

Jennifer Greco said...

I think a Sunday in August might be the best time for me to start. :)

I'm slowly being convinced to try...

EuroMom said...

Fromage....blue doors...it's all so lovely. Can't wait to be there. 17 more days but who is counting?

Jennifer Greco said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy lots of fromage!

Mat said...

You should try a trotinette instead of cycling in Paris (I dont know the name in english... a skateboard with handles?)

Jennifer Greco said...

I have considered that. Not sure what they're called either! :)