March 15, 2015

5 Things

Paris Doors

1) Portal

Marais Door

2) Entryway

Paris Doors

3) Threshold

Battered Blue Doors

4) Doorway

Paris Door

5) Access

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Mean Mama said...

Love these too! I have always wondered (re: #5) what the French name is for the triangular shaped guards/decor at the base of the frame of large access doors. Would you know?

The Beaver said...

I like #5 - looks like the sam type of paint they use in the Netherlands - all shiny doors.

@ Mean Mama,

If they are in stone , they would be called Bornes
It is well explained here:

Mean Mama said...

Thank you for the explanation!

Jennifer Greco said...

Mean Mama
Thanks for stopping by to comment and glad your question was answered. :)

Thanks for answering MM's question.