March 2, 2015

5 (Bayeux) Things

Le Fromage Français

1) Sublime cheese on offer at the Saturday morning market

Cows in Bayeux

2) Le déjeuner sur l'herbe

New Salon de Thé in #Bayeux - Chez Paulette. The decor is très kitsch. I love it!

3) Chez Paulette, our favorite new hangout

Bayeux Cathedral

4) Medieval faces

Bayeux Sign

5) Le cochon de Bayeux

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Fête des Gamins said...


Simone said...

Où se trouves les medieval faces?

Eco Gites of Lénault said...

I love Bayeux and it is so much more than just The Tapestry. Older son went for a school trip there yesterday - lucky boy! Wish I could have gone too.

Betty Carlson said...

I was just thinking about which photos could be similar in Aveyron.

1. Somewhat different. There are plenty of sheep's milk cheeses available, but I have never heard of "Marotte"

2.Different architecture; different cows

3. It seems like I've told you somewhere before that this reminds me so much of that salon de thé we went to in Rodez! I told you it had closed, but apparently it is open again under new ownership. I'll have to go there soon...

4. Plenty of those on the cathedral

5. The most interesting: of the 7 "produits du terroir" listed, only the vaguest, "charcuterie artisanale," might be seen here.

I hope France can keep all of these local differences...

Jennifer Greco said...


In the crypt at the Bayeux cathedral.

Eco Gites
There is much, much more to see. It is a wonderful little town.

I think France will keep their regional differences. If they didn't, it would really be a shame!