February 9, 2015

NOLA Bound

Fried shrimp po-boy. Dressed.

Happy Mardi Gras!

At Café du Monde. Breakfast of champions.

New Orleans

Drinks at the carousel bar in the Hotel Monteleone. #neworleans

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EuroMom said...

What is your connection to New Orleans? Funny story....first time my mom went to Paris, she looked around and said, "Wow, it looks a lot like New Orleans." I replied, "Well, I think New Orleans looks like Paris....it was around before!"

Betty Carlson said...

That's right, it's that time of year for you! Have a great time!

Bradford said...

Picture #3: Have a seat, make yourself comfortable. I will join you in 10 minutes.

Amy Clark said...

Crazy - I just returned home from NOLA. In fact I think my brain might still be there. I'm sort of surprised you found any food to eat as I feel as though I ate all of it. Enjoy your stay!!

Heather Lindstrom said...

Have a fabulous time! No doubt there will some incredible food, drinks and festivities in your near future!
xx, Heather

Jennifer Greco said...

We lived in New Orleans for 3 years before moving to France.
Just the other day, someone asked if I thought that New Orleans resembled France and I said no! :) It reminds me of the Caribbean.

Thanks! It was a mellow trip, but I enjoyed it.

Jennifer Greco said...

I waited...where were you?

Hope you enjoyed your trip. And don't worry, I ate plenty!

Jennifer Greco said...

Merci. I had a really nice trip.