January 9, 2015

A Night of Peace

La Seine

The hostage situation has finally ended.
My greatest wish right now is for Paris, and for all of France, to sleep peacefully tonight.
And every night.


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Betty Carlson said...

I am mildly optimistic. We can hope it is over, but who knows?

Susan Twomey said...

Please let there be peace in Paris. Even here in New Zealand our heartfelt thoughts are with the families and friends of the innocent souls lost.

Jennifer Greco said...

No, we don't know...sadly.

Thank you for your kind words. It is a sad and scary time.

Sharon said...

I have to admit I'm scared - our thoughts are with the people of France.

Jennifer Greco said...

Things have calmed down now and the people of France feel more united than ever. Let's hope that feeling continues!

Señor H said...

Interesting blog with great Pictures! I love France and specially France! The food, omg!

Jennifer Greco said...

Merci Senor!