January 16, 2015

5 Things

Winter 2014

1) Late afternoon light

Arc de Triomphe

2) Looking up

Tomme du Jura

3) Delicious winter cheese


4) I never tire of this view

Jack Fruit

5) Jack fruit - spotted in the 10th arrondissement

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Betty Carlson said...

I could go for some of that Tomme du Jura right now! Yum! I think I have tasted it once or twice before...

It seems to me there has been some beautiful winter light this year down here too...

Frank Jive said...

I’ve been looking at picture #1 for days now, trying to come up with words to describe the wonderful way in which the brown tones of the building reflect and resonate with the brown of the trees. But I can’t, except to say . . . really nice photo, Jennifer.

Jennifer Greco said...

The Tomme was lovely. Its rind was washed in Vin Jaune, so it was full of flavor!

Thank you!

Bradford said...

Picture #4: An exquisite view out over a riparian gallery. Who could ever tire of this?

Jennifer Greco said...

I couldn't agree more!